19.7.2013 – London July 2013

The Casuals featured in a new book on wandering cricket, proceeds to support the charity that promotes cricket in state schools – Chance to Shine.

The east coast express from Wakefield was fine.

We took taxis everywhere – unless you have an Oyster card, taxis are cheaper than the tube.

The cricket reception at a hotel near London Bridge went as expected. It was supposed to be at Lord’s, but that proved too expensive. A member of one of the gentlemen’s teams, could have been Romany, owned the hotel and offered the space. As much wine as you wanted to drink. The beer ran out – Brain’s best bitter, Mr. Brain a stalwart of a team from S Wales. Three very good speeches, extolling the virtues of gentlemen’s cricket clubs. A lot of blokes talking in posh accents, but they can’t help that – they were actually supporting state school cricket.

‘The Jersey Boys’ on Friday evening was a brilliant show. Took me right back to the Saturday night discos in the dancing studios (Frosts, Atack).

Saturday was a bit dead, mostly because it was so hot and we couldn’t find a pub showing the Lions’ Test against Australia. We tried everywhere in Covent Garden. There were no Lions’ jerseys and no gangs of guys verging on being worse for ale. Managed to walk through London, stop for a drink and still not see or hear the score.

3.00 train, home for 6.00 and still quiet in the Head of Steam. I was convinced we’d lost. And then we caught up at 11.30 the same night. What a game – fabulous.

Just returned from Friday afternoon boules. The host was actually in Australia for the Test. Not a happy bunny. Didn’t like the O’Driscoll episode and depressed that the Welsh were the dominant force in fashioning a win. For some, Wales is still a major rugby country to hate.

Gentlemen, Gypsies and Jesters – a copy of our chapter

GG&J leaflet A4 Spread

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