* October 2022 – it’s an awful long time

The last time we met was around 8 years ago. We are not playing any more, but trying to spend our money. Indeed there are still guys paying their subs. Duncan complemented me on how well I looked. Pleasing, though that lead on to discussions about who is not so well – Rupert sadly. Plenty of stories, many from before I joined in 2000. Bill chaired and debate was orderly. Contrast with previous committee minutes.

Almondbury Casuals CC Meeting Minutes Oct 18th 2022

Present: Bill Crossland, Richard Umbers, Richard Ellis, Greg Smith, Dave Walker, Duncan Cleave

Apologies: Will Ward

  1. Financial update – current funds £3,380, held in bank, building society and premium bonds. Still collecting around £60 per year in annual subscriptions.

Action: RU to contact bank and see if these direct debits can be cancelled without having to change bank accounts to stem the flow. Attempts will be made to contact the payees to cancel

(A Wagstaff £5, W. Ward £10, CR Wilson £5, RM.Lewis £5, JEC&L. Brownhill £20, Alan Finch £5,  Paul McGill £5, JA. Harrison £5, Andrew Sugden £2)

Consolidation of funds into one bank account would be considered after conclusion of dispersion options.

  1. Dispersion of remaining funds:

After consideration of options to spend our way out of the problem, the best solution benefitting local cricket was thought to be an annual Casuals reunion at a Drakes League game at grounds that favoured the Casuals (Thongsbridge, Shepley and Thurstonland came to mind). For a substantial contribution to the club’s funds, a free bar and a food option for a pleasant afternoon of reminiscence and troughing.

Action: DW/GS to open discussions with Thongsbridge wrt viability and costs

  1. Casuals Ephemera – trophies, photos, score books, ties, caps and records

Action: DW/GS – potential display cabinet at Thongsbridge, Tolson Museum, Peter Davies local cricket “collection”?

Kit: remaining kit donated to CNC Tax, Evening League team BC/DC

Old scorebooks to bin, unless anyone would like them! BC

Social Media: DW still has a version of the ACCC website running. DC’s website was switched off some years ago, but maybe content could be integrated into DW version? DC/DW

Digitisation of Casuals Italy photographs and media: RE

     4. Membership list


David Pedley

Chris Woodhead

John Burgess

Tim Beaumont

Sam Wilkinson

Will Ward

Nick Walker?

Sam Stier

Rupert Wilson

Greg Smith

Peter Hooson

Gary Smith

Bill Crossland

Ken Jagger

Rod Kelly

Richard Umbers

Alan Priestley

John Parry

Richard Ellis

Marc Davis

Jim Harris

Duncan Cleave

Tony Hirst

Andrew Sugden

Nick Bone

James Lockwood

Dave Beal

Marcus Longbottom

Ian Cooper

Dave Walker

Jerry Wood

Mark Windale

Tim Taylor

Robert Haigh

Richard Lockwood

Ray Murgatroyd

Nick Sharpe

Paul Brown

Kieran Stead

Steve Rothery

Sam Gledhill

Simon and Guy Farrell

John Taylor


Attempts to update contact details: BC/DW

Any contributions to this welcome!

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