* Casuals cricket day out 2023

2022 – Planning is moving along. The question being how to spend a substantial bank surplus?

(1) We began outlining our ideas about spending the Casuals’ surplus. Supporting a local cricket club which has supported us over the years. A celebration, a donation, drinks and food whilst watching a game. This met with a “yes”. Saturday was first team cricket and busy. Sunday social cricket had more space. Cup games on Sundays. Normal catering should be fine. Anything out of the usual could be bought in. Need to factor in the probability of proceedings carrying on to early evening. The Huddersfield League fixtures are usually published January/February. Could we choose a date early enough for the club to check against bookings? An idea of numbers? There is a demand for parties, birthdays etc throughout the year. Greg agreed to contact Bill to convene a Casuals meet to discuss which day, which fixture? How much?

(2) Could we have an exhibition of memorabilia? Again yes, depending on space, but we need to see what you have.

(3) Sunday social cricket was intriguing given our experience. Thongsbridge’s aim is to be inclusive and build a culture in which everyone takes part. Playing together as families. The junior section thrives, fed by successful Holmfirth High cricket. What can they learn from the Casuals? We have been part of the club for 20 years and our welcome continues. Maybe we can mentor/consult/help/join in?

The Casuals interest group first met last year in Farnley and then again in The Oak, Upperthong Mon 23rd Jan, 2023.

Dave and Greg summarised their favourable meeting with Thongsbridge, who were very welcoming and receptive to our requirements.

  1. They could offer an afternoon’s cricket, with bar and food facilities to be agreed once we could finalise a date and give them an idea of numbers. Proposed dates were both first team games, in order of preference July 29th vs Honley then 3rd June vs Scholes
  2. Display space for some of the Casuals memorabilia and possibly display boards could be made available once they had seen the treasured items. 
  3. ACCC would contribute £500 to Thongsbridge and pay for food and drinks consumed on the day.
  4. A second meeting with Alan and Gerry at the club to be arranged (DW/GBS) at which the chairman would bring a wheelbarrow of potential exhibits.

Scans of the Italian job memorabilia were distributed, with thanks to Mr Ellis. Duncan and Dave are looking at ways of welding our two websites together which could be a home for some of the pictures. The older one may be exhumable, DC to investigate.

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