Almondbury Casuals Cricket Club Spring Committee Meeting 2001 Minutes

Present: Greg Smith Tim Beaumont

Richard EllisMarc Davis

Bill CrosslandWill Ward 

Mark Windale

1. Apologies were received from Marcus Longbottom, Tony Hirst, David Pedley, Rod Kelly, Garry Smith, Jim Netherwood, Alan Priestley, John Burgess and Rupert Wilson. Heavy snow in Cleckheaton was used as an excuse.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting were circulated. All agreed they were far better those which the last secretary used to pass off as fact. 

3. Matters Arising

Richard Ellis finally had his resignation (often tendered but never accepted) rubber stamped by the committee after persuading Marcus to take over his role. A vote of thanks was proposed ands accepted. A cut in the base rate is expected.

Rupert’s successor as Fixtures Secretary has yet to be identified (or told, as the case may be).

4. Members List and New Members

Several new players were thought to be gullible enough to join the Casuals, Dave Beal, Tom Cooper and Dominic Ford among them. The secretary agreed to put a threatening letter together. Since the demise of the tie mountain, the only inducement left to put into the opening membership offer was a Casuals cap, a snip at £20. Greg agreed to sort through his house contents and enumerate the supply of same, together with an assessment of the size of the pile of The History of the Casuals booklet, now sadly out of print.

Several corrections to the members list were reported and Mark Windale agreed to incorporate these in this years fixtures list. Mr T Beaumont protested at his demotion to the occasional players list, since having the prosthetic implants in his shoes he felt like a new man. No one felt able to comment.

5. Fixtures 

After the usual discussion on Rupert’s excuse for non attendance (stuck behind a slow moving camel train on the M25), the provisional fixture list was dissected. Greg and Mark agreed to try and fit two further fixtures against the Rugby Club and Upperthong respectively into the available dates.

6. Allocation of Fixtures

Rod Kelly and Garry Smith had presented letters from their mum’s excusing them further match captaincies on the grounds of advancing decrepitude and senility. It was pointed out that this had not stopped Ken Jagger from fulfilling the role successfully for the last 10 years. In his absence, Marcus agreed to take more than his fair share of the burden. White smoke eventually emerged from the chimney and the fixtures list was put to bed.


6. Equipment and Nets

Balls had been counted and were not found wanting, in most cases. A supply of clean and bigger boxes was thought necessary to preserve the same from accidental damage and contagious disease. Will agreed to investigate the potential for shared nets with Allan Priest’s Old Boys at Newsome.

8. AGM and Dinner

Richard confirmed the date (April 20th), and his willingness to take on the organisation as Dinner Secretary, following John Parry’s resignation on the grounds of being exhausted from his other sporting activities. He would however sort out this year’s letters and coordination. Greg confirmed that he had finally done something useful in acquiring the services of Geoff Cope to speak. While a little more expensive than Cedi, it was agreed that the subject matter might be more appropriate. Suitable raffle prizes to be supplied by the secretary (can you still buy those nice knitted hot water bottle covers?).

9. Any Other Business

The Casuals had received a letter of thanks for their donation of a ball washer at Ampleforth Golf Club, who looked forward to our visit in summer. Apparently some of the rough has grown a little out of control and they can always rely on the Casuals to “sort it out”. 

Mark Windale volunteered to look for opportunities to tour to Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Northern Thailand, or at least bring back some pictures of the delight’s on offer over there.

Absent friends were toasted in good ale, and the excess supply of sandwiches generated by the low turnout was speedily devoured, the meeting closing at 9.35pm.