Andy Shires

Born in 1934, Andy is another of The Amateurs to hook up with The Casuals, umpiring and becoming a patron in 1957. He then turned into a player and, in 1966, a skipper. He learned the game at St Anselms, Bakewell, before going to Repton. Double-jointed, he struggled to catch the ball, so he was never able to achieve a high standard. He was secretary from 1969 to 1975, during Jim Netherwood’s time as Chairman, and, in 1970, helped smooth the home ground move from Thurstonland to Shepley.

Andy is a member of the Shires family. He joined Taylor, Livesey & Co Ltd, where he played for the mill cricket team as well as the Casuals.

The Casuals could have benefited more from the Shires family. Tony Shires joined in 1952 but didn’t play much and Gerry Shires joined for a couple of years, but mostly played league cricket with Huddersfield or friendly cricket with The Craven Gentlemen.

Andy served in N Ireland with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

Andy is clear that the reason for setting up The Casuals was to give guys who would not make league teams an opportunity to play. He fondly remembers timed cricket because everyone had to bat properly. His tip for club longevity? Get and keep good fixtures.

Written in Summer 2010


Andy died in 2013



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