Committee Autumn 2006

Almondbury Casuals CC Committee Meeting 

Autumn 2006

Royal Oak Upperthong

Present Greg Smith, Bill Crosland, Will Ward, Allan Priestley, Ken Jagger, Mark Windale, Dave Walker, Marcus Longbottom, Rupert Wilson, Richard Ellis

Apologies Duncan Cleave, Sam Stier

7.45 pm

Will complained about a bad week at work. 

‘Can’t recruit; they’re either useless and want a load of money or ok and want even more money.’

‘Which are you then?’ asked Greg.

Mark proceeded to have what looked like two dinners and a mint. It was actually two courses of the same meal. Mushroom and stilton salad followed by liver and vegetables. Later I was informed it was two mints.

Priestley complimented him on his weight loss. Uncalled for really.

Rupert arrived with a flourish to boos, complete with a poppy.

8.15 pm

New Chair Bill thanked Greg for his 7 years service. Rupert clapped.

Minutes of the last meeting

A couple of smutty unecessary remarks about Wilkinson’s balls (Rupert) and Tim not coming again (Ken I think, but are we bothered?).

No matters arising.

Treasurer’s report

Loss of £221. Marcus explained how and why this had happened but as the secretary is innumerate, I’m afraid this went straight over my head. 

From my notes there may be a hint of clarity, but I’m happy to be corrected.

Subscriptions may not tally with the actual membership. Can this be checked out?

(Bill and Marcus)

Insurance claim, Old Almondburians and a broken windscreen. Disappointing as it came from the one decent shot of the season; Sam Wilkinson.

(Greg to contact OA’s informally – R Taylor)

Very few match fees. How about a financial return for each match?

(Marcus to prepare for Spring meeting)

Marcus then offered his resignation, and Umbers was duly selected.

Vote of thanks from Rupert.

Election of Officers

These decisions, sewn up in smoke filled rooms and toilets over the previous 4 weeks, were ratified.

Greg expressed regret at the loss of Marcus as a captain. Something about wonderful smoked salmon sandwiches. Ne’er a word on batting orders and field placings. 

Another round of applause happened here. For Will, as fixture sec. He alone had not resigned from the committee. He did offer quietly, but was turned down. What he really wanted was a hug.

New members

Usual smut here from the usual suspects. ‘Getting smaller.’ ‘There we are.’ ‘We’d all like one.’

Rupe volunteered Bill Wareham and Gerry Novicki. Contact details to the hon sec.

Steve Bindman was mentioned here – something to do with performance poetry. At least he bring guys with him who look as though they can play.

The Chair thought we should encourage the younger end.

Rupert then expressed concern about his role at Lower Bradfield and he was he was never even mentioned.


Weslyans good. 

Yorks Gents this year. 

Captains need to get the best turnouts for Cambridge Meths and Whitley Bridge.

Harem instead of Duncombe Park.

? Somerset tour to where Marcus is moving.

Steve could help with N Leeds fixtures.

? Rupert to contact Clive Dickinson for Exeter fixtures.

? Amersham.

Wealdstone to come here.

Bill offered a Portugal tour with Wealdstone.

Mark ? a Thai tour for 6’s tournament. Chair asked for more detail.

Overseas tour thought to be a good thing.

Equipment and nets

Does this really need to be on the agenda? What a conversation about helmets. But they can be impressive especially when worn by the Asian recruits who Steve brings. Wearing them as though they can actually play.

Rupert formally proposed that helmets be brought to each match.

Something about bails, balls and bats that really was irrelevant.


20.4.06. Usual place. Speaker is Jack Taylor.

It will be the last dinner at which the loyal toast will be proposed, because of the smoking ban. 



Mark available next season.

Ken was thanked for the walk, despite the impromptu sh.te by the hon sec.

Woodsome still on for the golf – probably around 7.10.07. Chair thanked Rupe and helpers for their organisation and expressed concern about the turnout. Last minute issues, similar to the match captains. Perhaps change format to teams. Marcus thanked Rupe for the accounts.

Website on its way courtesy of Steve Bindman.

9.28 Wilkinson text – retiring for 5 years.

Golf improving as his swing no longer has to go the long way round his belly.