committee Nov 2004

Almondbury Casuals Cricket Club

Autumn Committee Meeting 2004 Minutes

At the Royal Oak, Upperthong, 3rd Nov 2004 and Compo’s acclaimed Eatery

Strange how Hilton still pervades the conversations.

Jagger tells the story about going out to watch a bit of cricket at Meltham. After a few beers and a cricket tea, Hilton got bored and the story gets a bit hazy, but they did have more beers and then call in at Compos. Not sure where they went then, but it was probably the Nook. At about half past three Hilton is bored or hungry or both, and off they pitch to The Pantry down in Honley followed by more beer in the Jacob’s

Will tells the other one about playing at Upperthong. Hilton is next man in and can’t be found. He’s gone to his mother’s for his Sunday dinner.

The evening was notable for the absence of the secretary, a low turnout and no sandwiches.

Maybe we should finish with guidance on “How to arrange a meeting”?


We always need balls

No current inventory

Nets  Usual stories about not peaking too early. Wonderful story from Will about Stuart’s indoor net


The report was on his desk awaiting publication as we speak. Not a problem. Loss £111

Loss was mostly due to room hire for the agm and dinner – Woodsome – seeing as so many members were also members there maybe some deal could be struck (do they know of Woodsome’s financial plight) Raffle bailed the club out but should not be expected to do so. Long private considered discussion between the treasurer and M windale. Kit mainly balls. Home games, especially in the second half were mostly called off, so low expenditure

Gets confused here as the chair wanted Woody and President to be mentioned as particularly thankful that the old casuals tea party went well. 

Autumn dinner – onerous and undersubscribed Will and Xara not willing to carry on, but is this really about making money

£341 cheque from the golf day went to hospice   winner M longbottom

Election of officers


New members

Ken’s old one still in working order

GMC now a London barrister so a little too far

GMill now resident in York so can play easily

?3 from O almondburians

T bobby lott paid

Younger end healthy well they would be

M windale makes bid for selection strong claim to play again


chair thanked all the officers, mostly Bill

Mark Windale expressed his joy at being  back and whilst not directly said implied that the casuals had survived somehow during his absence

Arranging meetings

Have a reason to meet.

Who are the people who have to be there, who you would like to be there, who you don’t want.

Secretary finds when the first catagory are free and book the time appropriately. Better if choose a time when third catagory can’t attend. Master stroke is to not attend in person pleading work issues – so busy important person etc

Arrange to meet first group the week before in the pub or smoky toilet or wherever. Arrange for them to arrive late and to have left their reports at home.

Send out minutes of last meeting agenda in advance.

Make the venue as inhospitable as possible –  on top of a hill, no parking, no lighting

Close the bar

Don’t arrange any sandwiches But arrange for chair to keep meeting going long enough so local chippie is shut.

So nothing but stories of former dead colleagues or local idiots gets seriously discussed and the club carries on as usual.