Home Grounds


King James Grammar School, Almondbury

Considerable dissatisfaction was expressed by Mr D Eastwood on the wickets provided by Thurstonland, stress being laid on the fact that the club were paying £3 per match for extremely poor wickets … no decision could be taken until an alternative ground could by found and the matter was referred to the committee for further investigation.

Minutes AGM: 13 October, 1955

Discussions about moving to Elland with the amateurs 1962 to be available 1965

The summary, for the benefit of members, of the decision to leave Thurstonland at the end of the 1969 season, was written by secretary Andy Shires, and for him, it amounted to a novel. The wickets had been a problem for some time, and the thought was the Casuals could lose good fixtures unless something changed. Shepley also afforded improved facilities for wives and families. The parting was amicable, managed by  Chairman Jim Netherwood.

Tony Hirst recalls poor facilities at Thurstonland, bad wickets.

Shepley1970 Tony Hirst excellent home

Tony Hirst, was there ever a worse wicket than Hopton Mills


Discussions about Storthes Hall 1984-85

Woodfield Park (1990), Whitley Lower, YMCA Rosehill (1986, 1993 v. Wealdstone, ticked off for not using artificial pitch), Silcoates School, Lockwood Park Hudds RUFC (1996)


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