Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor


Jack is 78 at the time of writing (January 2011). He learned his cricket at Lepton Council School before attending Holme Valley Grammar (1943-1948), when he also scored for Lascelles Hall prior to playing for their second XI (1943-1949). He then turned out for the now defunct Rowley Hill CC (1949-1950) before joining Kirkburton (1950-1975). Before the 1976 season, he got a call from Judge Graham Cliff to help set up Old Almondburians, playing in the Central League. He maintained his association with the club until 2007.

He thinks he first played for the Casuals in 1960. He was asked by his headmaster, Harry Taylor of King James Grammar School. There are other versions of this so-called request, but he finished up bowling regularly for the Casuals. The committee minutes record his invitation and acceptance in 1962 at the same time as WH Bolt. As the ground was unplayable for his first game, the spare time was largely spent in the Rose and Crown, Thurstonland, which he recalls was quite a baptism. As a lad, he was the proud owner of a battered A40 which he soon learned to park round the back. He was appointed skipper in 1968, standing down in 1974 as family and regular league, cup and friendly cricket got harder to manage. Whilst he loved the social side of the club, he also made a significant contribution to improving playing standards along with Billy Bolt and Alan Priestley. He tops Bill Crossland’s Casuals‘ Hall of Fame statistics, with 630 overs (5th in the number of overs list) and 158 wickets (average 11.4). He took 6 or more wickets in an innings on 9 occasions.

The village cricket grounds were his favourites.

There was a tour to Germany he can’t quite recall. Something about an RAF base and a joint Oxbridge college team. Two day games on matting wickets. Organised by Richard Taylor, but then it all goes quiet.


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