Jacob’s Well



ACCC v. Jacobs Well                      Thongsbridge CC                    21st August 2005

Jacobs Well  194 for 9 A Sanderson 49, Crossland 7-0-37-3, 

ACCC 195 for 1 Ward 79 not out, P Brown 86


Alan Moore, Chairman of Thongsbridge CC, always comments on our ability to pick fine sunny days for our ’home’ games at t’bridge. Sunday 21st was no exception and those of us not selected turned up bright and early for the ritual barbecue. Chairs and tables were erected on the edge of the outfield, wine was left to chill and Sam – the Casuals official outside caterer – set to work with enthusiasm. Cold beers appeared from cool boxes and were sunk in a flash, replacements soon followed along with ‘nibbles’. Small talk was made whilst the food was cooking, with subject matter ranging from the state of the European common agricultural policy to the likely colour of the Brown boys hair. Sam soon called us to order and a feast was enjoyed: Greek salad, coleslaw, salad leaves with a piquant dressing, new potatoes, Toulouse sausage, trout fillets in white wine and lemon juice, succulent spare ribs – all washed down with a very acceptable cabernet sauvignon blanc from South America. It’s a grand life being a Casual, especially a non-playing one on a beautiful day! The only thing that interrupted this idyll was the cricket – and so we had to pack up the table and dining chairs and repair to the boundary edge to settle into the comfy, high backed chairs, perfect for a snooze in the sun.

I awoke briefly during the Jacobs Well innings to see the worst exhibition of fielding from the Casuals this Summer, at least 5 different fielders allowing the ball to escape through their hands/feet/stomachs on the way to the boundary. Names of the guilty men have been noted for humiliation at a later stage in the year. Typical of the Casuals, this was then followed by a moment of brilliance from Matt in running out some unlucky soul who had every reason to feel that he was being picked on, given what had passed before. The sun was very bright in mid-afternoon and to protect my eyes from the glare I closed them for a second or two. Pauline, with years of experience, new the very word that would have me leaping out of my chair and wide awake – TEA.

Sue Sanderson (Andrew was captain of the Jacobs team) provided a fine spread which went down very well with everyone; the cakes were particularly enticing and it would have been rude to refuse – so I didn’t!  Positions were resumed as the Casuals opening pair strode to the wicket, the sun still shone brightly and all was well with the world. Isn’t it odd how your eyelids get heavy after a good meal – I opened my eyes just in time to see us win; I’m sure someone must have batted rather well because there was much congratulation and good spirits abounded within the Casuals camp, Bill was so pleased he even bought me a beer – well I deserved it after such a strenuous day!  Well done boys, most enjoyable.