Low Bradfield

ACCC v. Low Bradfield CC    Low Bradfield         Monday 2nd May 2005

Low Bradfield 65 for 8      Rain stopped play after   23  overs

Brown (M) 6 – 3 – 2 – 2, Crossland 6 – 2 – 13 – 2, Wilkinson 6 – 1 – 21 – 3,

Loosemore 25


The Casuals season finally got under way on Bank Holiday Monday in the delightful setting of Low Bradfield.  With last week’s match at Stainborough unable to start due to an unfit wicket, it was something of an irony to see the Casuals emerge from the pavilion with a largely unfit side.  Match Captain, Richard Umbers had somehow managed to assemble a rare combination of young talent (well, youngish) and washed up hasbeens, but what a start they produced when faced with the prime of league side Low Bradfield.  Let’s hope this is just a sample of what is to come throughout the Summer as the Casuals version of Caddick (Bill Crossland) and Gough (Matthew Brown) tore the heart out of the opposition innings.  The rain, which has been such a feature of this years Spring, had clearly affected the wicket to the bowlers advantage and the Casuals opening partnership used the conditions brilliantly.  Bill was first to strike – and so claimed the prize for first Casual wicket of the season (a device for measuring the number of times one meets the President during the season – a ped[ley]ometer).  His young partner, on his Casuals debut, was clearly keen not be outdone and ran in with great enthusiasm to deliver a succession of rapid yorkers; soon he too was among the wickets, including 2 in 2 balls and at the end of the 10th over the Low Bradfield scorecard read 12 for 4; 2 wickets each for our unplayable opening pair.

A Wilkinson Free Zone

You will all know Bill of course, but young Matthew will be new to most of you; he’s Noz’s brother and is staying with Noz and Debbie on an extended holiday from his home in South Africa, so we’re fortunate to have him.  If you’re not playing yourself try to get to see him play and meet him – he’s a most likeable lad, a super bowler and deserving of our best hospitality, besides we don’t want him returning to SA thinking that we’re all as mad as his brother!

On with the game. The skipper, showing admirable restraint and for fear of losing the fixture next season, replaced both openers with the more gentle pace of Sam (Wilkinson) and Rupert.  (Fashion note:- Rupert arrived in his beach buggy, or mini convertible as he likes to call it, dressed in baseball cap, cool shades and looking frighteningly like an LA rapper; from now on he should be addressed as EssenEm!). Sam’s opening over was interesting; he started with 2 off-side wides and 1 leg-side wide and then with his 4th legitimate ball took a wicket! We put his early inaccuracy down to poor pre-match preparation as he turned up 30 minutes late – his excuse was that he had trouble finding his kit at his parents house – but I suggest that we take into account the fact that he has only been married for 6 months and Susanne is very attractive girl! The Casuals continued taking wickets at regular intervals and Sam had just got rid of their skipper for a very determined  25, caught brilliantly by Juggler Cleave at mid-off, when the heavens opened.  In no time at all it became clear that play could not re-start and so we claimed our first victory of the season; morally, if not actually. I thought it most appropriate that as the Casuals left the ground to return home, God delivered a huge round of applause in the form of an almost deafening thunderclap.  Bring on Yapham!


Rural idyll (or was it idiot…)