Match reports and other cricket writing from Dave Walker


Match reports







Committee minutes

Unpublished pieces

Published Articles

Northern Cricket Society Journal

Mick Bourne commissioned any piece. I chose my experiences of cricket in the Bahamas, part of two weeks I spent with my family celebrating our daughter’s wedding. Booklet 2010, p8

Cricket in the Bahamas

Journal of The Cricket Society

 I met Derek Barnard when he came up to Huddersfield. Did he want some copy? “Send it me.” After the Pennine Cricket Conference 2009, I submitted a piece on friendly cricket and the journal accepted it. (2009)

Why Play Friendly Cricket?

Huddersfield Examiner

This was part of a series, illustrating the funnier side of getting older. I did one on cricket, based on the odd moments from Almondbury Casuals.  (2008)

Senior Cricket Moments

‘It’s a Great Day for Being a Boy,’ from ‘All in a Day’s Cricket: An anthology of outstanding cricket writing’ compiled by Brian Levison

Brian contacted kindly contacted me for a piece. I sent him a copy of ‘It’s Not Lord’s’ and he chose this. (2012)

Its a great day for being a boy

Almondbury Casuals CC

A gentleman’s cricket club, originating in the 1940s, but firmly rooted in the amateur traditions of the mid eighteenth century. ‘Cricket in Perspective 2’ covers history from 1981 to 2005, a follow up to Jim Netherwood’s ‘Cricket in Perspective 1’.  (2005)

Cricket in Perspective 2

Gentlemen, Gypsies and Jesters – A collection of chapters on wandering cricket clubs published by Fairfield Books. (2013)

Almondbury Casuals



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