Richard Taylor

R Taylor

At the time of writing (January 2011) Richard, a retired teacher, born 1942?, is 68. He first opened the bowling for the Casuals aged 14 in 1958. Apparently in 1952, his father, Harry Taylor, headmaster of King James Grammar School, was approached by Bill Johnson who just lived over the wall from the school. Was it possible to have a net? So friendly cricket became part of a family tradition.

Richard learned his cricket at the grammar school, as an Almondbury CC junior and at university. He also played for Old Almondburians as well as turning out for the Casuals.

Plenty of memories. Touring Germany several times (with an Oxford college team), playing a team of W Indians (Netherwood backing off to square leg). Netherwood getting 2 not out against the Butterflies in a tied game, 290 apiece. John Bell breaking Harry Taylor’s foot with a slow lob. Jim Netherwood, last man, retiring when his partner was 96 not out..

First appears in minutes invited to play for 1962 season.

Hall of Fame entry – 38 appearances, 36 innings,  840 runs, average 27.1

9th in batting averages  (out of 28 who scored 400 or more runs)

20th in appearance list (scoring more than 400 runs)


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