spring 2005

Present:David PedleyGreg Smith

Richard EllisMarcus Longbottom

Bill CrosslandWill Ward 

Marc DavisTony Hirst

Rupert WilsonSam Wilkinson

Richard UmbersKen Jagger

Paul BrownSam Stier

1. Apologies were received from Tim Beaumont (knitting class), Duncan Cleave (hangover from two week ends ago), Tony Hirst (spelling bee) and Dave Walker (gone walkabout).

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting were circulated, criticised, some of the longer words explained and the whereabouts of Wilkinsons’s match fees debated (again).  

3. Matters Arising

There were none that registered with the Secretary’s ale and Alzheimer’s befuddled brain.

4. Members 

Nigel Stevenson’s passing was noted with sadness. Casuals attending the funeral in York reported a turnout of over 1,700. 

Dave Thompson, late of the YMCA, was reputed to be available, despite, or because of, his wife’s pregnancy. He would not be the only Casual to take the field with a pregnant bulge.