Tim Beaumont

Tim bwAt the time of writing (January 2011), Tim is 71, still working in ‘System Sales’. He learned his cricket at his Pudsey home on the front lawn and at Herbert Sutcliffe’s house, where he played with the youngest son, John. He made the second XI at St Peter’s School, York, and went onto play for The Druids and Netherthong.

He first met the Casuals whilst they were on tour to Helmsley, invited to play by Nick Walker. Nick was a keeper with his own gloves which he donated to the club, following which he was never asked to play again. Tim thinks this would have been around 1972.

He succeeded David Pedley as Chairman, of whom he is generous in his praise, ‘in various disguises, always presented himself and club splendidly.’

It’s difficult to be certain whether Tim is a touch tongue in cheek when  he says the Casuals were very good (his own standard he describes as immeasurable), when his following sentence describes Gordon Littlewood knocking out the dottle from his pipe and lighting up a rubbish tip. Similarly his reasons for choosing friendly cricket, ‘The company, the beer, the venues, the beer.’ And finally, when asked about about club history, ‘Since when did facts and history and the Casuals have any connections!’

Chatsworth, Tusmore and Helmsley are his favourite grounds. He sounds proud of inviting the most boring speaker ever to the Annual Dinner. One Mr A Moss.


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