Purpose of the project






We have already presented information as to how the Casuals were formed at the annual Pennine Cricket Conference, held at The University of Huddersfield. Peter Davies, the project leader, has encouraged and helped me to take the history further. He would like the Casuals to be the first nomadic friendly cricket team to have a formal spot on the university website. Please look at the website – http://www.ckcricketheritage.org.uk/. It is a comprehensive collection of all things cricket in W Yorkshire.

The purpose of the history?

(1) To make a record of the various Casuals eras. The 1950s seems to have be a group of businessmen returning from the war. They wanted to play cricket so they set up their own team. More than half are from family textiles in one way or another. The style of team and cricket harks back to the 1860s and 1870s, prior to the formation of the leagues, a time when the family businesses were just getting going. It seems to make sense. It’s a history to be proud of!

Maybe we could make sense of the other eras?

(2) To document what members think and feel about how such a team keeps going and how it adapts to changing circumstances. A kind of hints and tips for other clubs who might want to form a nomadic friendly cricket club.

(3) A discussion as to the nature of nomadic friendly cricket and how it compares to other forms of cricket.

There is no budget. It is likely to remain an on-line project.


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