Robert Haigh

Lives in Noel Wimpenny’s old house.

Writing in January 2011, Robert is 60. He learned his cricket at Ashville College, Harrogate, followed by spells with Lascelles Hall and the evening league. He remembers first playing for the Casuals in 1962 aged 13, introduced by his father, Phillip Haigh, one of the four founders. He first appears in the minutes in 1963, and was asked to be a skipper in 1979. With 417 overs (11th in the number of overs list), he lies 5th in the bowling Hall of Fame list: 89 wickets at an average of 15.2. There was one 6 wicket haul in 1973 against the Druids. He retired from playing in the 1990s.

A fast bowler, the Casuals banter was a relief after league cricket, though there were competitive matches (which?). The committee was much the same, but whatever, the club’s future was always secured.

His reason for why the Casuals have been successful – the many lovely grounds that they travelled to.


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